LM 1000 Pulveriser ring / disc mill

Rapid fine grinding down to analytical fineness of hard, brittle and fibrous materials. Quick and easy to clean.

With a LAARMANN Ring Mill you put the sample together with a disc or a set of rings and roller in a bowl
to bring it all together into 3-dimensional vibrations. Inside the bowls the sample will be ground and homogenized
by high pressure, impact and friction rapidly down to analytical endfineness.
Typically samples are ground to 90-95% 75µm in app. 3 minutes.

• Extreme rapid grinding
• Easy change of bowls and discs
• Various materials for bowls and discs available
• External progr. control (time, interval, right or left rotation etc.)
• Start/Stop
• Endfineness 40µm
• CE-conforming

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