LM-FP100 Food Processor

Ordinary laboratories use household agitators. However, it is hard for such agitators to process a lot of feeds and feeds samples such as meat with skin, chewing gums, cured meat, soft sweets and soybean, and homogenized samples cannot be made by using such agitators. lt is quite easy for a LM-FP100 Food Processor crusher to grind such samples; in addition, good repeatability and reproducibility can be achieved.

LM-FP100 Food Processor grinder can provide quite high level homogenization of the sample within 30 seconds, and the standard deviation of the analysis
result for the sample is much lower than that use the house-hold agitator.

  • 1100W Motor
  • Adjustable speed
  • Max volume of 700ml

The Laarmann Food Processor is designed for the processing of samples with high water, oil or fat content. The two-blade knives can cut soft, medium-hard, brittle and fibrous material.