Laarmann Group B.V.

New Impact Tester with Magnets

At Laarmann we are always looking to improve our Machines. A great example is our new Impact Tester. It originally needed to be operated manually by multiple people using a pulled rope. This caused the results to be different depending on who…
Laarmann Group B.V.

Order for large mining/recycling company in Africa

The order consists out of: 4 x Rotary Sample Divider 60 Litre (RSD-60L) The RSD-60L can be used to divide a maximum of 60litre in 1 or more sub-samples. At this stage of the production the housing came back from the paint shop. The rotating…
Laarmann Group B.V.

Delivery for commercial lab in Chili

The order consists out of: 3 x LMBR500, LAARMANN bottle roller 500. The LMBR500 is a very convenient table top bottle roller which can be used with bottle up to 5 litre. The axles can be adjusted to fit one or more bottles from different…