Container Laboratory

Mines and/or companies doing exploration in remote areas who collect samples in big bags have most of the time not the ability to analyse the sample themselves since they are in very remote areas. This results in the fact that these exploration companies needs to send their sample material to a lab which is not nearby. Assuming it will be possible to send out sample material, for some African countries this appears even impossible, the clients face a big logistic challenge… When collected big bags with sample material, in many cases quite a lot of big bags, our clients need to ship these huge amounts of materials by truck to the nearest harbour. After reaching the harbour, the material might be shipped to Europe or any other area where the sample will be processed and finally analysed.

During transport, the physical characteristics of the sample material will chance, increasing the chance of making mistakes during the preparation of the sample. Another factor which causes a demand for container labs is the time frame between taking the sample and getting the sample analysed in a laboratory; sending materials out to Europe/Canada/USA for analysing purposes, the material is in traffic for at least 6-8 weeks. When getting the big bags at the final destination it might take 3-4 months. After analysing the sample, the client needs to figure out and draw conclusions on sample analyses done of a sample half a year ago. This is a complicated process and very time consuming.

The Laarmann group develops together with our customers sampling solutions to decrease the “time to analyse”. Basically bulk materials  are dumped in the bunker. With a press on a button the operator will receive a 500gram of representative sample from the original batch (big bag or bulldozer scoop). Process the sample in an LM2000 pulveriser to reach 125micron, and send a small bag by plane to the head quarters or any commercial lab for analysing the sample. As a result, the “time to analyse”, will be reduced from half a year to 1-2 weeks. Not even taken in consideration the reduction of logistic costs for not sending large amounts of sample materials around the world.

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