Laarmann – Innovators in Solids

Laarmann is at the forefront of sampling, sample preparation and material testing product development. We pioneer large capacity pulverizing systems and make custom sampling solutions for customers all over the world. Our commitment to keep improving is highlighted in the release of next generation pulverizing mills, high-capacity fine jaw crushers, innovative robotic systems and more.

The demand of modern industries require higher quality and production rates but with reduced lead time and cost. Automation offers a solution to this. This is why we engineer processes to fully automate key items like sampling, big-bag and sample preparation plants.

We are always up to the challenge to meet the customers requirements. Years of experience together with creative engineering is what makes these projects a success.

Container Laboratory for sample preparation

Technical consulting

We can provide comprehensive technical consulting for complex constructions (installations / plants) which often requires the manufacture of solutions that will fit neatly in the existing location.

Our profound expertise and innovative spirit enable us to tackle even the most difficult and demanding tasks. Streamlined workflows, matched to your requirements, ensure perfect results and a long product lifecycle at the best possible price-performance ratio.

We supply total solutions

In sample preparation laboratorys the goal is always to get a most representative sample with a minimum of manual activity and human bias.

The workload on operators lifting heavy sample material creates the question, what about “human-errors”. Bias by different operators must always be excluded and their safety must be guaranteed. That is why we develop custom made solutions for sampling bulk materials and larges amounts of sample material.

Custom made sampling solution

The process of developing a custom made sampling solution where, with the push of a button, a complete sampling installation can be started goes as follows. An absolute representative sample will be taken from incoming bulk material. The initial packing of the bulk material can be bags of 20kg, 200L barrel, or big bags of 1000/2000L. Going down to 100 gram is also possible.

In case needed, the sample will be crushed and transported by mechanical or pneumatic transport systems to bunkers. From these bunkers a system based on weighing cells will produce a final sample ready to be analyzed for quality or chemical composition. This way a capacities of around 1 ton per hour can be easily sampled in a representative way.