Sampling Installations

LAARMANN GROUP B.V. is the world-leading specialist in supplying of total solutions for customers in sample preparation.

In a sample preparation laboratory, the goal is always to get a most representative sample as possible with a minimum of manual activity and human bias.

Besides the workload on operators lifting heavy sample material, there also exists the question about the “human-error”. Bias by different operators must be excluded at any time where possible. LAARMANN GROUP B.V. recognise these demands and develops especially in this field custome made solutions for sampling bulk materials and larges amounts of sample material.

Big Bag Sampling & Screening Installation

One of the main activities is developing custom made sampling solutions where, with a button, a complete sampling installation can be started. During this process, an absolute representative sample will be taken of bulk material coming, which is a demand by International Standard Organisations. The initial packing form of the bulk material could be bags of 20kg, 200L barrel, or big bags of 1000/2000L. Going down to 100 gram samples is possible.

In case needed, the sample will be crushed and transported by mechanical or pneumatic transport systems to bunkers. From these bunkers a system based on weighing cells will produce a final sample ready to be analysed to check the quality or chemical composition by analytical equiment. Capacities of around 1 ton per hour could be sampled easily in a representive way.