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Bottom ash sampling solution

The Sampling Installation processes bottom ash. Bottom ash is a very common material in construction and is mostly used in projects such as railroad filling material, roofs and other kinds of building blocks. Our client requested a sampling solution in their existing processing installation of bottom ash material.

The sampling installation provides a representative sample with the use of a Vezin Sampler with a 5% spoon or a 10% spoon that is interchangeable. On the control panel, the operators can adjust the interval and spoon speed.

How it works

This installation processes a continuous amount of incoming bottom ash material. The material is first transported to the installation on a feeding belt into the Vezin Sampler. The Vezin Sampler then collects the sample with a 5% spoon or a 10% spoon. This process generates a representative sample.

The intervals of the spoons are adjustable on the control panel. The samples are divided between the two barrels. With the use of a pipe it switches to the other barrel after a sample is taken. The reject is transported on two other feeding belts that will either go left or right. This is determined by a sieve.


Vezin Sampler 200