LM250 Pulveriser Ring Mill

The LM250 is a laboratory machine, which is suitable for pulverizing and homogenizing hard and brittle materials in the dry and wet state. The closed milling pulverizing system guarantees complete recovery of the samples.

Final fineness of down to 75 μm can be achieved, depending on the milling time and the specific properties of the sample material.

With a LAARMANN Ring Mill you put the sample together with a disc or a set of rings and roller in a bowl to bring it all together into 3-dimensional vibrations. Inside the bowls the sample will be ground and homogenized by high pressure, impact and friction rapidly down to analytical end fineness. Typically samples are ground to 90-95% <75μm in app. 3 minutes. Exact time and end fineness depends on the sample characteristics

The standard speed is 1450 rpm. We can provide a different rpm if it’s a necessary requirement for the application. rpm adjustment is an optional feature that can be implemented in the program