LMC400 Jaw Crusher

The LMC400 Jaw Crusher is used for the rapid, effective crushing and pre-crushing of medium-hard, hard, brittle and tough materials. Its variety of materials offered, including heavy-metal free steel, its efficiency and safety makes it ideal for sample preparation in laboratories and industrial plants.

For small amounts of sample the LMC400 is used batch-wise; for larger amounts it can be operated continuously. Control of the gap width and zero point adjustment allow for reproducible results.

Thanks to the modular construction of housing and frame this jaw crusher is suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Adjustible gap-setting
  • Easy exchange of jaw plates and side liners
  • Modular infeed hopper: removable, with splash back protection, batchloader or dosing plunger
  • External control box with start/stop
  • Endfineness: 6 mm
  • Powerfull 15 kW- motor
  • Low installation height (520mm)
  • Contamination free crushing