LMPP40 Tons Pellet Press

The LMPP40 Tons Pellet Press is a laboratory machine used for pelletizing of grinded material for X-ray analyzing purposes.

Pellets of various thickness and diameters can be produced using the LMPP40 Tons Pellet Press.

Other available models in the market use pre-set hydraulic working principle, having no possibility to control the pressure during pressing the pellet. With the LMPP40 Tons Pellet Press the operator can visualize in the display which pressure is set and what is the time frame used this pressure.

This increases a lot the quality of the pallet and also the reproducibility of the pallet making the analyses more reliable.

Up to 10 different programs are adjustable setting the pressure in relation to the time. A program consist out of 1 to 6 steps. Within each step the press power and time can be adjusted. For each material there is a different optimum pressure, which needs to be learned by doing.

The automated LMPP40 Tons Pellet Press can press pellets of a diameter variating from 13 up to 50mm. Our die sets are made of high quality stainless steel. To improve the surface of the pellet our the plunger is high graded mirror polished.