LMS100 Sampler for concentrated copper

In order to know the percentage of pure gold out of concentrated copper, the stream needs to be sampled. In our case the customer gets a few tons of gold together with the ground material.

Therefore sampling is essential to know which amount of gold is supplied together with the concentrated copper. To get the product in the oven a large bucket elevator is used. Some buckets are turned at random and a sample of 6 kg of concentrated copper and gold particles is collected using a stainless steel tube. With the top valve open the poder can enter a pipe containing 6kg of material. The next step is closing the top valve in the products stream. This is possible while the installation is being executed with a pinch valve containing a heat resistant polymer.

In order to get a smooth homogeneous flow the product is released in a vibratory feeder. It is possible to change the sampling time in order to get the desired amount of sample. During sampling the sample is collect in bottles of 1000 or 500 ml. These samples are than transported to the lab for further analysis.