LMSM 300/450 Sieve Shaker

The LMSM-300/450 is suitable for the batch wise and continuous sieving of soft, middle hard, hard and brittle materials in the dry and wet state and is designed for analytical test sieves from 75 to 450 mm.

The machine is designed to give precise and reproducible results. Due to the wide choice of parameter combinations it is possible to achieve fast and reliable sieving results in a short time. Depending on the characteristic of the sample material to be sieved a sieving  process can be done down to 20 μm. The optimum filling level for each test sieve depends on the sieve frame diameter (200/203/300/450) and in relation of the mesh size of the test sieve.

The LMSM is maintenance free due to the electromagnetic vibrating unit. The vibratory action produced by the power unit moves the sample over the sieve in a unique way producing faster more efficient sieving, while the rapid vertical movements also help to keep the apertures clear from blinding.

The vibration is controlled by a microprocessor. The digital controller is used to set both the process time and the amplitude setting while a further control enables the vibration to run continuously or intermittently. Intermittent vibration improves performance and helps to clear apertures that may have become blocked. The controller will also set the duration of both the on and off times of the vibration. All sieving parameters are digitally pre-selected and can be stored and recalled.