LM PBM4000 Planetary Ball Mill

LAARMANN’s Planetary Ball Mill has, unlike other similar machines, four positions where up to eight 500ml grinding jars can be placed. Each grinding jar needs to be filled with a right combination of grinding balls in order to guarantee the best results.

Like in a planetary system the grinding jars rotate on a orbit around the center. This rotational movement is the self-rotation of the grinding container. The resulting centrifugal and acting acceleration forces lead to a strong grinding effect. Furthermore there are forces working according to the Coriolis acceleration. The result is an intensive grinding effect between the grinding balls and the sample.

Depending on the speed ratio different movement patters of the grinding balls / media can be achieved.

Features and benefits

  • High efficient fine grinding up to end fineness 1μm
  • Different speed ratios available
  • Grinding jars from 125ml to 500 ml in different materials (up to 8 jars can be loaded)
  • Suitable for long-term trials and continuous use
  • Automatic direction reversal to avoid agglomerations
  • Reproducible results due to progr. grinding parameters
  • CE – certified