Slurry Dispenser Installation

LAARMANN developed and produced a Slurry Dispenser Installation. The feeding system is used for mixing a specific amount of materials with water that can then be dispensed with a high pressure hose. That is to be dispensed into other machines for testing and analysing. The installation is controlled with a digital screen that is easy to operate. The Feeding System is designed to be operated by one individual operator.

The machine consists of three parts:

  • 1: the main control unit,
  • 2: the conveyor belt
  • 3: the solids dosing hopper.

In the main unit consist of the control unit, the mixer, the water dosing, and the extraction pump with a pressure sensor. The conveyor belt connects to the main unit with a plug so it can be separated for cleaning. The solids dosing hopper connects to the main unit with a plug so this can be separately cleaned and filled easily

How it works

The material is transported into the feeding hopper that is then transported to the feeding belt with portions with a rotary air lock. The feeding belt will transport the material into the mixer. The speed of the feeding belt is determined by the amount of water in the mixer. The material will be mixed with water and can then be used and dispensed with a pressure hose. This set up is based on a 30/40L mix requirement and can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements.

The installation is equipped with a digital control panel with hand and automatic control that is easy to operate. With hand control, it’s possible to enter custom parameters such as:

  • pump speed
  • mixer speed and
  • turn on and off the conveyor belt and water valve

With the automatic program, the parameters will be selected beforehand, such as

  • the kilogram amount that has to be mixed.
  • The amount of solids in relation to the amount of water
  • the total batch volume
  • the total mixing time and mixing speed

Dimensions W x D x H1130 x 3210 x 1900 mm
Working principleDosing, mixing & dispensing
Weight420 kg (only machine)
Feed size maximum5 mm
Power supply380-400v 3 phase + Neutral (32amp 5p plug)
Power consumptionMax 2.5Kw – Nominal 1.7Kw