TML Proctor/Fagerberg

Proctor/Fagerberg test is a method to determine the amount of cargo that is safe for transportation. the material is partially dried at about 60°C depending on the material. The material should be at least tree times the amount as the required amount. once it’s dry a suitable amount of water is added to the material. the sample will be mixed carefully for 5 minutes approximately one fifth of the mixed sample is filled into the mould after leveling the sample the provided hammer is used tamp the sample. the process is repeated for 25 times for all five of the layers. Then the extension piece can be removed so that the sample can be leveled once again and after the weight of the cylinder with the sample is determined the sample is dried and the weight can be determined

The Proctor/Fagerberg testing equipment set consists of a hammer and hammer guide (50 or 75mm) and the cylindrical stainless steel mould 150 mm in diameter and 120 mm high with a detachable extension piece. The product sizes variate on the type of test that is being performed.