Delivery for commercial lab in Chili

The order consists out of:

3 x LMBR500, LAARMANN bottle roller 500.
The LMBR500 is a very convenient table top bottle roller which can be used with bottle up to 5 litre. The axles can be adjusted to fit one or more bottles from different diameters depending on the exact requirements. The bottle which is used can be equipped with grinding balls for milling.

1 x LMAJ200, LAARMANN Air Jet Sieving Machine 200.
The LMAJ200 will be used to determine the particle size distribution for real fine particles. For this particular order mesh sizes within the range of 100µm – 150µm, we can deliver sieves from the range of 20µm up to 4000µm. The vacuum unit can optionally be purchased when needed.

1 x Rotary Sample Divider 60 Litre (RSD-60L)
A 60 litre batch needed to be divided into 6 portions. In this particular case the portion are an equal 10litre sample. When needed the collecting buckets can be adapted to the requested volumes. 3 x 10 litre and 6 x 5litre for example.

The customer requested a low infeed hopper and the machine needed to be moveable in order to bring the several sub-sample to different area’s of the laboratory.

1 x Rotary Sample Divider – reject 10Liter (RSD-R 10L)
The customer requested a smaller rotary sample divider dedicated for a specific product. This machine will be exclusively be used for dividing a ±10litre sample into 4 x 1 litre. The remaining sample will be collected underneath the machine through the reject passage.