CM1000 Cutting Mill

The CM1000 Cutting Mill is used to grind solid materials such as rubber, plastic, wood, foils and many other materials.

The processing material falls into the cutting chamber via a guide chute and is shredded by cutting between rotating and fixed knives until it passes an attached sieve as ground product. The sieve extends over the lower half of the grinding chamber and can be changed easily. Final particle size is determined by the selected sieve perforation aperture.

When the grinding process is finished the grinding chamber is fully accessible by unscrewing two hand screws and folding back the feeding hopper. The grinding chamber is fully accessible for quick and easy cleaning.

  • Rapid reduction of large particles
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Rapid sieve and knife changeover
  • The CM1000 can handle samples of up to 60Kg/h

Application Examples

  • Linoleum, Carpets, Cloth
  • Secondary fuels and Bio Mass
  • Food and Animal food
  • Wood, Paper, Carton, Cellulose
  • Rubber, Shredder Light Fractions
  • House Waste, Industrial Waste
  • Computer Scrap and Electronic Scrap
  • Plants, Twigs, Roots
  • Herbs, Spices, Grass, Straw
  • Technical Plastics such as ABS, PA, POM, PE
  • Bones, etc..